Welcome to  my WEB site. I hope that you will enjoy  these examples of my stained glass, all commissioned. I have chosen  examples to show   the variety  and styles I have been working in   since 1967. I studied Fine Art  at Newcastle-upon-Tyne University there specializing  in  the design of stained glass . My tutor was L.C.Evetts.

Stained  glass by its very nature can only be appreciated  with transmitted light unlike pictures which are viewed in  reflected light. The ideal way to exhibit stained  glass is to make use of natural  light  which changes throughout the day  and the season. Thus    to achieve  the best visual effect  from stained glass  it should ideally be fixed  into  an unshaded outside wall . A satisfactory  alternative is to  suspend the  stained glass in front of an existing window . This works well with smaller stained  glass panels and the visual effect  can be improved  by  putting  the stained glass panel into an appropriate wooden frame.

An alternative to  natural transmitted light is    artificial light. Stained glass  can be fitted to a  light  box and back lit with either  diffused  fluorescent or incandescent  light. Unfortunately this display method does not provide for the continual visual changes associated with natural light nor  does it reveal the subtle qualities of the glass textures. It can, however,   be   of particular  visual  interest in a dark hall or stair way  where it  also provides incidental lighting. New technology , electroluminescent panels, are becoming  available.  These  will permit stained glass to be fitted into frames  and back lit. Using this technology the overall thickness of the panel    is similar to a conventional framed  picture.

I am  most interested to undertake    commissions.  I will first give  a quote for developing a design  based on discussions with the client, , photographs, sketches or the   interpretation  of a theme. Once a design has been agreed  I will then quote for a stained glass panel based on the design with specified outside dimensions.

The  cost of stained glass  is   dependent  on the quality of the glass, the intricacy of the design and the degree of painting,  yellow  staining and acid etching. As a guide this can vary  from £150 to £1500 per 100 sq cm.

 I  can   visit locations within a reasonable distance of Carlisle,  Cumbria to discuss  proposals for stained glass . Alternatively clients are welcome to visit my studio, by appointment.

My address:

Camlann, Banks
Brampton, Cumbria CA8 2JH

Tel 016977 2200